Flood warning issued for the Alabama River from Tuesday to Wednesday

Published 12:49 pm Monday, December 31, 2018

A flood warning for the Alabama River has been issued from Tuesday evening to late Wednesday night, according to Dallas County Emergency Management Agency Director Toya Stiles.

Stiles said the river is expected to crest on Tuesday afternoon at 44.8 feet. The latest stage is at 44.42 feet as of noon Monday. She also said there’s a flooding warning for the Cahaba River.

“It’s very close to the 45 feet flood stage,” Stiles said. “There may be minor flooding in low lying areas, over roadways and farmlands.”

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The river levels have risen since the heavy rainfall and more rain is forecast Monday through Thursday.

Stiles said she’s monitoring the gauge at the Alabama River to make sure it does not go above the flood stage.