DCBOE talks new athletic policy

Published 9:14 pm Friday, November 16, 2018

A new athletic policy requiring Dallas County schools to play each other in sports is still in the early drafts after a Thursday night Dallas County School Board meeting.

The policy idea was presented by Dallas County School Board of Education member William Minor at a previous meeting after he expressed his desire for the Dallas County Schools to schedule games against each other as well.

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Dallas County School Board member Leroy Miles said he agreed with the policy idea, but did not want a clause added into the policy where the coaches would be considered insubordinate if the game did not happen.

Dallas County School Board Attorney Malika Sanders-Fortier said the policy did not have that clause, but there was a clause that gave the superintendent the ability to waive the requirements.

“I think anything that comes up that needs to be taken into consideration, the superintendent has the ability to do that,” she said. “This just makes it where people can’t arbitrarily do things or make decisions that don’t allow schools to support each other that I think Mr. Minor had envisioned.”

“If they can’t get together and the superintendent can waive that contest that is what we were trying to get around from the beginning,” said Minor. “We are trying to find a way where nobody can waive any of that. Once the policy has been put in place, then there should be no waiver in my opinion.”

Minor said he would prefer the board approve any waivers to the policy.

Fortier said she would take into consideration both Miles and Minor’s concerns and would present a new draft at the next meeting.

The motion was tabled and not voted on.

Dallas County School Board member Carolyn Bates was honored also at the meeting, which was the last one for her term.

Numerous people came forward to speak about her time on the board and the services she had provided including Dallas County commissioners and Selma City council members.

Bates said she was surprised at the turnout of those and the gifts they brought to give her.

The board and Dallas County Superintendent Hattie Shelton awarded her plaques honoring her years of service.