Selma author releases first book tackling tough life experiences

Published 7:56 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Nat Rudulph, a bi-vocational minister and businessman recently released his first book “God of the Storm.”

The book discusses one of the toughest questions ever asked, “why is this happening to me?”

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“When tragedy happens anywhere from small to big things we always wonder why did this happen. It is a very tough subject because it questions if God is in control or ourselves or the Devil,” said Rudulph. “I use life experiences that I have had and others have had and mainly scripture. Basically, I try to tie in what the Bible says to these questions. There are answers there. They are not going to jump out at you, but there are plenty of answers in there.

“One of the first ones I mentioned was when Jesus healed the blind man and everyone asked him why he was born blind? He said it was something that wasn’t from any kind of sin but so that God’s glory could be revealed. The end result of it was better because of the healing and good thing that came out of it.

“Basically, it is how God takes bad things and turns them around to our good,” said Rudulph. “It is not easy. It is a tough question and tough answers. I don’t have the end all be all in this book, but at least it can help people cope I think. We don’t live in a perfect world and the promises of God are not for this world. Some of them are but I don’t think that this life is an end all be all.”

“’God of the Storm’ will provide both comfort and biblical and theological understanding to those who are facing adversity. It will also help prepare us to minister to the suffering and distressed people we serve. This book is a must-read for ourselves and those to whom we minister,” said Pastor Earl F. Wright, President of the Urban Ministry Institute of Chester, Pennsylvania.

“Nat Rudulph reminds us that that in all things we can trust God,” said Alan Yarbrough, the pastor at Crosspoint Christian Church in Selma. “God is good, He does good and is working all things together for your good and His glory. This book will help you step into the future with faith and hope.”

Rudulph was ordained in 1994 by Liberty Fellowship and has served as a pastor, and as the liaison for missionaries. He currently serves at Crosspoint Christian Church in Selma. His hope is that the book will help people realize that God is much greater than people often imagine, and will understand that the way to get through life’s storms is by faith in the omnipotence and love of God.

He has a degree in social science from the University of South Florida, and another in religious education from Florida Beacon College and Seminary. He has done post-graduate work at Regent University.

The book is available at One Way Bookstore located at 2185 Broad St. in Selma or on Amazon at