No payroll – City unable to pay employees is worst fear

Published 6:33 pm Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The greatest expense amount of any business’ budget is payroll.

From the school system to retail stores and to the city government, payroll takes up a huge chunk of what the total expense is.

On Wednesday, Selma City Council President Corey Bowie told The Selma Times-Journal that the city anticipates not being able to make payroll this coming payday.

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Who knows the damage this will bring to the city government. Not only will the remaining employees not get paid, but there is currently no current plan in place to fix this problem.

Not only will this impact the lives of the city employees, but it also will have an impact on the community.

We have already lost so much. We hope that a solution will be found quickly to fix this one.

All the talk between the city council and Mayor Darrio Melton about the need for communication must happen. This is not just one person’s problem.