From Volunteer to Survivor: Adrian Moppins spends time volunteering with the American Cancer Society

Published 5:10 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Adrian Moppins knows from personal experience how beneficial the American Cancer Society has been to the residents of Selma and Dallas County.

Moppins, a 15-year volunteer for the American Cancer Society, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

However, even before she knew she would have to battle the disease she worked tirelessly to help raise funds for a cure.

Moppins said being diagnosed with breast cancer gave her a new perspective on the disease and changed her outlook why funds are raised.

“It made me work harder [towards the cause], she said.

Her involvement with the organization started after one of her friends, who was a breast cancer survivor, asked her to join the fight.

“She asked me if I would pick up where she was leaving off and try to carry it on,” Moppins said. “I assured her that I would do it.”

Moppins worked for Walmart for 29 years. Many of those years, she helped the team raise funds for Relay for Life and she said they have always came in first place.

Regardless the amount of the donation, she said it is a blessing because “pennies make dollars”.

Each year, Moppins prepares to go out into the community to network on the organization’s behalf.

“I go around and solicite money from the different businesses,” she said. “They are the names on the back of the [Relay for Life] t-shirts every year.”

Moppins’ advice to women is to get checked for breast cancer as soon as possible.

“I would encourage everyone to get their mammograms,” she said. “I encourage anyone that have little girls to please take the time and take their girls to the doctor to take their shots.”