Some of the fittest people around

Published 9:04 pm Monday, August 20, 2018

This past weekend, Selma CrossFit athletes competed at the gruesome Mayhem on The Mountain in Oak Mountain State Park.

Seeing my fellow athletes compete in three events made me wish I could be out on the competition floor with them. It was hard to not get one of them to just tap out and let me take their place for a second.

I fell into this sport in 2014. While there is such a stigma to CrossFit, doing this sport has allowed me to meet some amazing people. People from my first gym are still close friends with me, and I have never experienced a tighter knit community.

What I found even more interesting is that people you wouldn’t think of being strong can be the ones that surprise you the most.

Sometimes I surprise people (including myself) with what I can do since I have started this endeavor.

I am thankful for my Selma CrossFit family that I have now become part. Along with the results that I get from consistent workouts, make waking up early every day worthwhile.

Watching the athletes compete this past weekend inspired me even more to start getting ready for the next competition now that I all moved and settled.

Plus, everyone in my division will know that at least they won’t be last, and I’m OK with that.

You can’t spell blast without last anyway.