Morgan gives back to cancer society

Published 9:50 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2018

For more than 13 years, Gloria Morgan has been volunteering with the American Cancer Society. Morgan spends her time raising funds for people fighting with the disease, and encouraging them to keep on pushing. Throughout her many years of service, she said it has been an eventful journey that she is happy to have joined.

“It’s been wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed [volunteering],” she said.

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Morgan connects so well with the survivors because she knows all too well what they are going through. 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has since then used her personal story of faith and triumph to encourage people fighting that same fight.

“I feel good that I can share with someone that ‘I’ve been through what you’re going through,’” she said. “I like to share my experience about what I’ve been through and how the Lord brought me out. I just tell them to ‘trust the Lord and He will pull you through.’’’

She has started a relay team in her honor, Morgan Family and Friends, that raises funds towards the efforts. The team has been raising funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for more than four years and Morgan said she could not be more proud.

“I wanted to do a family team so that we can raise more money [for the cause],” Morgan said. “We raise money by selling tickets for raffles, ask for donations and do different fundraisers.”

The American Cancer Society utilizes the funds raised for treatments, transportation and housing for local cancer patients. Morgan said helping out with the relay team, and the organization as a whole, directly benefits the citizens of Selma and Dallas County.

Morgan also volunteers her time as a pink lady for Vaughan Regional Medical Center. She has been a volunteer with the organization for more than a year.