March For Our Lives group makes Civil Rights journey

Published 10:19 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This summer, the students of March For Our Lives Group are traveling all over the country to educate other students on the importance of voting.

This mission has been coined as “March For Our Lives: Road to Change.”

The group made a stop in Selma on Wednesday to pay respects to others who have also marched for their lives and rights in the historic Black Belt Region.

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Whether you agree with the March For Our Lives movement or not, this group is marching for something they believe in.

Much like the Civil Rights Activist in the 1960s, both groups believe wholeheartedly in their cause, and are committed to seeing their missions fulfilled.

Both groups advocate or have advocated for change in the country.

They are both fighting against the odds of success.

Yet, with little to no support behind them, and obstacles in front of them, the March For Our Lives group presses on to make the world for their future families safer.

That is something we should commend them for doing.

They have taken action instead of just talking.

In a place such as Selma, it is living proof that actions are more effective than words.