Mothers and daughters bond over painting

Published 9:42 pm Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Coffee Shoppe was filled with Saturday morning smiles and laughter as mothers and daughters painted their masterpieces. Before the painting began each guest enjoyed some of the shop’s pancakes, bacon, fruit, juice and coffee. After the food it was time to pick up the brushes.

Priscilla Mitchell led the class of 30 plus attendees during the Pancakes and Paint Mother and Daughter Brunch. She said she doesn’t consider herself to be an artist, but she loves to paint as a hobby.

“It started out as just something to do, relax and just have fun at the same time,” she said.

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The event was the second time Mitchell had ever held a painting class, and she said she was happy to have the opportunity to do it again. To get the event going, she gave the ladies a head start before the event began.

“I went ahead and sketched out the shoes and the butterflies, then I also painted one [of each] so they can go ahead and get an idea,” she said. “Of course, every [painting] will look different.”

The daughters painted the ballerina shoes as their mothers painted a picture of a butterfly. Mitchell encouraged the class to use their creativity as they quickly began to work on their artwork.

The Coffee Shoppe owner, Jackie Smith, said any opportunity she has to create a positive and fun event for Selma natives she is happy to do so. She said the event was a great success and she is happy to do more events like this one is the future.

“It’s just special,” she said. “I’m really happy about the mother and daughter time they get to have today.”

Smith said during the class, Mitchell offered a little lesson about painting as the ladies were hard at work.

“Ms. Mitchell will be giving them instructions about the brush size,” she said. “There are three sizes of brushes and she will be teaching them about which size to use with each brush stroke.”

She said Mitchell chose a ballerina shoe for the girls to paint because a lot of them have been in dance for many years.

Caydin Martin is one of those girls that sat with her mother as she concentrated on creating the perfect ballerina shoes. Ashley Jones, Martin’s mother, said 5-year-old Martin had been in dance for years, and they were happy to be spending some quality time together.