It’s Official: Jimmy Nunn wins Probate Judge election

Published 9:31 pm Saturday, July 28, 2018

The city of Selma made the Runoff election official this week.

Jimmy Nunn defeated Nicholas Switzer 6,309-4,645 in the Probate Judge race on July 17. Nunn won with 58 percent of the vote, Switzer received 42 percent.

A total of 11,265 Dallas County residents voted in the Runoff. Dallas County has 31,770 registered voters.

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Nunn, who replaces Kim Ballard in January, has crime and roads on his list of things to accomplish.

“Reducing crime in Dallas County, that’s a priority needed,” Nunn said. “The Sheriff’s department needs more staff and better equipment. Crime in Selma has gotten out of control. The second thing we’re looking at is fixing the roads in Dallas County.”

Here’s how each precinct voted:


Plantersville VFD: Switzer 103-48.

Summerfield VFD: Switzer 241-89.

Valley Grande Community Center: Switzer 683-307.

Orrville Community Center: Nunn 410-153.

Beloit community Center: Nunn 56-9.

Tipton School: Nunn 763-123.

Selmont Water Works: Nunn 152-48.

Tyler Community Center: Switzer 137-32.

Good Hope Church: Switzer 37-17.

Mt. Zion Church: Switzer 263-245.

Barrett Road Methodist Church: Switzer 424-232.

Union New National Guard Amory: Switzer 309-137.

Safford Community Center: Nunn 41-24.

Marion Junction Blackbelt East: Nunn 119-79.

Shiloh School Building: Nunn 154-145.

Carlowville Minter VFD: Nunn 69-50.

Dallas County Courthouse: Nunn 90-77.

Eastend Fire Station: Nunn 270-30.

GWC Homes center: Nunn 148-36.

Selma Mall: Nunn 193-26.

Woodrow Avenue Fire Station:  Nunn 430-78.

Rangedale Center: Nunn 261-26.

New St. John Ministries:  Nunn 304-25.

Broad Street Fire Station: Nunn 269-26.

Memorial Stadium: Switzer 336-101.

YMCA:  Nunn 373-236.

Christian Outreach Alliance: Nunn 239-75.

Queen of Peace School: Nunn 205-34.

Absentee: Switzer 416-357.

Provisional: Switzer 9-4.


Totals: Nunn 6,309-4,645.

Dallas County Probate Judge-elect Jimmy Nunn celebrates winning the runoff election with his wife, Phenicia, and their three children, Jimmy Jr., Jimicia and Jimiya.
James Jones|Selma Times Journal

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