Just the beginning – Saving Selma Lives not backing down

Published 7:17 pm Monday, July 23, 2018

On Sunday, the Saving Selma Lives group held their first meeting.

This group was made because in quite honestly people are tired.

They are tired of not feeling safe.

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They are tired of not being able to walk down their streets without feeling uneasy.

They are tired of waking up to another shooting.

Dr. PH Miller told the Selma Rotary Club on Monday that the resources, and the means to make our town safe again are here. All it takes is work.

The dedication that is needed to fix this city should not rest with the small group of people that are getting ready to lead this group forward.

The dedication should be in all of us.

We all live here.

We all want to feel safe.

We want our town back from the violence.

So, why would anybody not want to participate and help make Selma safe?

Why should we not expect each and every person to take a stand with this group or others and say “enough is enough.”

Some claim that they are ashamed to say they are from here, and others have to spend their time defending this town to their friends and family who come to visit.

The sooner that some people in power acknowledge that there is a problem, only then can we begin to move forward. Some of the people that hold all the power in Selma seem to not be taking any action.

It is clear what the Saving Selma Lives group wants.

Why would we not give it to them?
This group consists of people from all walks of life. It is defined by neither gender nor race, but instead by a collective goal to make Selma better.

We commend their efforts, and we know that change cannot happen overnight, but we do realize that this is just the start of great changes coming to this town.