Youth City Council members renovate animal shelter room

Published 5:02 pm Saturday, July 21, 2018

This week, several members of the Selma Youth City Council worked to improve the cat room at the Selma Animal Shelter.

“They had moved everything out, cleaned, scraped the old floor, primed it and painted it,” said Jacque Johnson who works with the shelter.

“We like to let people come in and spend some time with the cats,” said Johnson. “It is important to let them get accustomed to people.

“We usually have around 12 cats in the room,” Johnson said. “We usually have 15 up for adoption. We have had a special this month, so now we have about six in here now. This renovation will help keep the room looking nice.

“We try to encourage people to bring their kids here as well,” said Johnson. “When we get the kittens, they have to get accustomed to all the children. We have one volunteer that comes by everyday as well. This renovation just makes it a lot nicer for everybody.”

“It was a group effort,” said Jalen Norwood who is with the Youth City Council. “It took a while to do this, but it turned out well. We had eight people work on it.

“We meet once or twice a month to see what our projects around the city will be,” said Norwood. “This is just one of the many projects we have planned.”