Pringle Petals donates to newborns

Published 10:36 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Pringle Petals is donating onesies to newborns at the Vaughan Regional Hospital to assist new mothers.

Pringle Petals and Fancy Things co-owner Tonya Boddie said she and her business want to give back the community of Selma.

“We know a lot of mothers can’t afford clothing and we’re just trying to promote Selma,” Boddie said. “What we decided to do, since we are a baby clothing store, is to give newborn babies an item.”

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Pringle Petals and Boddie are not strangers donating to organizations. At the beginning of the summer, they helped sponsor daycare centers by providing them with sweet treats. According to Boddie, they have been assisting organizations since their debut.

“We have been giving back to the community since we have been located here. We’ve donated to the high schools for the cheerleading squads, as well,” Boddie said.

Boddie said assisting the daycare centers paved the way to donating to the hospital.

“Ever since we did that, we decided to go a step further and give to the newborns and new mothers,” Boddie said. “We are willing to do anything we can for the community and the new mothers. We want to put a smile on their face and give them a light of hope.”

Pringle Petals will donate to the hospital for a year, and have a goal of distributing a onesie to each newborn.

After the conclusion of the onesie donation, they plan to do it again next year, and sponsor the daycare centers next summer.

“As long as these organizations are facilitating growth, we are happy to assist them in anyway possible,” Boddie said.