Page gives back to community through local sorority

Published 9:51 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Melinda M. Page has been serving the community with a smile for many years. She joined the Zeta Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (AKA) 20 years ago after witnessing their immense dedication to the city of Selma and local youth.

“I took an interest because of the service they were doing with the youth in the community,” she said. “I just saw how caring and sincere they were with teaching and training the kids.”

Page’s own children have benefited from the sorority’s mentorship and generosity.

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“My daughter was in Junior Culturama and my son was in African Knights,” she said. Culturama and African Knights are two mentor initiatives of the chapter.

Throughout her many years of service with the organization, Page said she has enjoyed being part of an organization and chapter that stands on great principles.

“It’s been a great experience because of the exposure, and because of the love I have for people it was a way for me to meet others while servicing the community,” Paige said. “This was a way for me to become more interactive in the community.”

Paige has been the chairperson of the Reading is Fundamental initiative, where the chapter donates and reads books to local youth.

“I helped with a lot in the organization, but I work a lot with the Reading is Fundamental (RIFF) program.» Page said. “I work under the supervision of Nancy Sewell, and to watch her love and dedication to the program is inspiring.”

Paige also serves as a mentor with both junior and senior Culturama where she personally donates dues fees for the mentees and need-based scholarships for college.

“It’s a proud moment when I see them overcome different hurdles,” Paige said. “It’s been a blessing to me just to see that.”

Elizabeth Rutledge, chapter president of the Zeta Eta Omega Chapter of AKA said Page represents their organization well.

“She embraces what a true Alpha Kappa Alpha woman should be, ‘Service to all Mankind,’” Rutledge said. “She puts others above herself and always shares what she has.”

Even in her spare time Paige is dedicated to making life better for people in the community.

“She spends many hours helping single mothers in our community,” Rutledge said. “She provides assistance in preparing them for interviews, and she encourages young ladies to pursue college degrees to improve the way of life for themselves and their families.”

Page purchases clothes for both mothers and children, and also spends quality time with them daily.

“Her kindness speaks to every person she meets,” Rutledge said. “She is always helping and caring for others. She is truly an amazing Christian and Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.”