Exchange Club welcomes new leaders

Published 9:53 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Selma Exchange Club welcomed their new officers at a ceremony on Wednesday.

Founded in 1921, the Selma Exchange Club’s primary focus is to prevent child neglect and abuse. Once a year, the exchange club swears in new positions.

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Robert Green, former vice-president of the exchange club said it feels great to have been promoted to president.

“I’ve been vice-president, and I am looking forward to leading this club. Our motto is ‘unity of service,’ and we focus on the prevention of child abuse and neglect,” he said.

Green is passionate about being a part of the organization and feels the importance to assist organizations that stand for their cause.

“We support those organizations that fight that particular problem in our community and we try to assist an agency that is trying to improve the quality of life for youth in the community,” he said.

According to treasurer Sylvia Smith who has been a member of the exchange club for 16 years, the club donates their funds to many organizations meant to assist children and the community such as the Red Cross, the children’s hospital in Birmingham, the Salvation Army and child advocacy projects.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge,” Green said “We have a lot of challenges in our community and a lot of problems with your youth. With this organization, hopefully, we can do something to impact those problems.”

Former president Sheryl Smedley said she is happy for the members who were installed into their new position or retained their previous positions.

“I feel very good for our members,” Smedley said. “They are very dedicated and always willing to participate. They diligently serve this club and what it stands for.”

Smedley looks forward to the future events the club will be part of.

“We are excited about the upcoming years continuing some projects of outreach for the exchange club,” Smedley said.