Another murder-Total homicide count rises to 8

Published 10:17 pm Monday, July 16, 2018

On Saturday, the murder total in Dallas County rose to eight after an overnight shooting.

A group gathered for a vigil on Monday to express their feelings about the recent shootings that have occurred in the county.

“Thoughts and prayers” are a phrase that have been uttered frequently this year both locally and nationally as murders both singular and mass have happened in an almost regular basis.

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“Thoughts and prayers” are important. Some believe in the power of prayer and what it can do, but like this group that held the vigil, we believe it is time for action.

District Judge Bob Armstrong said in a previous interview that focusing on the problem would not solve anything, but instead focusing on the solution was the most effective way to fixing something.

The judicial system in this county is working tirelessly to help fight violence at a younger age, and giving youth a second chance.

They have been successful with their recent numbers of success.

Action is needed to address the increasing numbers of violent crimes in Selma and Dallas County.

In a small town, these murders affect people critically because we are such a close-knit community.

We should use that close-knit community atmosphere to our advantage and look out for trouble before it starts.

That is why groups such as the Neighborhood Watch getting off the ground in Old Towne will be effective.

We have heard it so many times in the past that “Together we are Stronger.”

We see it in our logos, and we hear leaders constantly repeat this, but there is no correlation to change by reciting this mantra like a script.

We need action to back up the words, and we need it now.