MGLC holds graduation

Published 7:14 pm Friday, July 13, 2018

On Friday, July 13, McRae-Gaines Learning Center (MGLC), graduated 42 students, ages 6-8, who have completed courses in English and Mathematics as part of the MGLC Sadie Moss Summer Learning Institute program.

During the graduation, the students recited written and memorized sentences to prove their competence in what they had learned. 

According to McRae staff, the summer program focused on English and Mathematics due to their importance to everyday life.

This is the third year MGLC has hosted a summer learning program.

Director of the summer program Sadie Moss said the students learning throughout the summer and graduating made her proud.

“It gives me a great feeling to know there are some children who have worked five weeks to get where they are,” Moss said.

Moss said she believes the summer program’s focus on English and Math are guaranteed to benefit the students.

“Most of the problems are with Reading and Math,” Moss said. “Children use electronics and they don’t have to spell anymore. We want our children to get back to writing words and sentences and reading stories, rather than using a computer.”

Moss said she thinks that receiving an education during the summer is important for all children to do.

Barbara Harris, an educator at MGLC enjoys teaching children and was proud to see her students graduate from the program.

“I’m always excited when it comes to children; this is what I value,” Harris said.

Harris agrees that English and Reading have a high importance in today’s society.

“This program is built around reading and math,” Harris said. “We’re focusing on them because those are the areas that children need in order to do things in life. You have to be able to read and use math everyday. If you do not practice in these subjects you will regress; ‘if you do not use it, you lose it.’”

Moss said she is confident that the 43 students who graduated from the program will succeed later in life

“When these children leave us this summer going to whatever school they will be attending, they will be the top of their class,” Moss said.