Sawmill expansion an ‘investment in community’

Published 8:37 pm Thursday, July 12, 2018

On Thursday, Selma and Dallas County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Executive Director Wayne Vardaman announced the plans of a sawmill in South Dallas Industrial Park.

This mill will create initially 28 jobs with 52 more jobs in the second year.

We are thankful that Sunbelt Forest Ventures has managed to begin the first steps in bringing this sawmill here.

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It will create jobs for people and cause the economy to progress forward.

There are many great things going on in Dallas County.

From the jobs to the people, there is something to be proud about.

It is easy to focus on the negatives.

Every town and city has its problems, but things like more jobs coming to the county are something that should be celebrated.

We are sure that more will come as our economic leaders continue to reach out to possible businesses and projects to come to our county. Collectively the leaders in this county are working towards bringing prosperity to the citizens here, and eventually will turn the economy around.

Unemployment is already down, and we can only get better from here. The hard work will pay off.