East Perry’s Independence Day celebration considered a ‘success’

Published 11:05 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

More than 1,500 people attended the East Perry Improvement Association’s Independence Day celebration on July 4. 

Event organizer Gwin England said the “Revitalization and Beautification of the East Perry Park and Community” was a success, and she is thankful to everyone that put in hard work for the community.

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“It turned out way more spectacular than I ever would have expected,” England said. “Due to Facebook and publicity, it turned out well. I couldn’t imagine that I would have had that many people there had it not been for publicity.”

The celebration was to raise money for the East Perry Park. England said the Sprott area was once a vibrant community full of businesses. However, after the park was vandalized, the association felt there was a need to raise funds for revitalization.

“The community had stopped thriving, but this event brought a lot of happiness back into the community,” England said. “Everyone was full of joy.”

Rap artist Pastor Troy was the headliner of the event, and even after it rained briefly before his performance, England said she was happy to see the crowd stayed and waited to see him. Marion Mayor Dexter Hinton welcomed everyone to the event. Candidates for the Perry County Circuit Clerk were present and Faya Toure spoke to the youth about the history of Independence Day. 

Overall, England said the event was a success and she could not be more proud of the people that helped plan, promote and attend the event.

She said she wants the community to remember that “charity begins at home,” and this event is the first of many to come to the area.

For more information or to donate to the efforts, send donations to Eddie Perry at (334) 345-5385. Donations can also be mailed to the East Perry Improvement Association at 5689 County Road 64 Marion, AL 36756.