Second session for art camp begins

Published 9:46 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This week, children can once again unleash their creativity as the City of Selma Ceramic Art Program is hosting its second session of Art Camp on 9 Lauderdale Street, at Charlie “Tinman” Lucus Studio.

From 9 a.m.- 2 p.m, and 9 a.m.-noon on Friday, children will participate in various art-based activities taught by an array of experienced instructors.

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Jane Singley, an art camp instructor who has been involved with Art Camp since it began, is happy to be part of the program meant to channel children’s imagination and artistry.

Singley said the idea of art camp was director Candi Duncan’s idea, and its purpose was to allow children within the community to learn about and work with different art mediums.

“I started doing ceramics for about 40 years, Candi came up with the idea of art camp and we just started doing it,” Singley said.

According to Singley, many children from places such as Tennessee and Oklahoma are attending the camp.

“We have them come from all around and they just love it,” Singley said. “My grandkids came from Oklahoma just for this camp.”

The participating children engage in activities such as painting, decorating shells, creating origami and using watercolors.

Art Camp instructor and experienced educator Donald Meyer said he has been with Art Camp for the past five years and enjoys teaching children the many aspects of art.

“I do different things with the children, we rotate and do different arts and crafts projects,” Meyer said. “We try to give them something different to do everyday. I have always had an appreciation for the arts. I was a teacher for 32 years and incorporated art into my curriculum when I taught school.”

Liz Brown, 10 year Art Camp instructor and college student, said Art Camp is a valuable experience for children because it allows for them to express themselves in ways not offered by other programs.

“It is amazing watching the young minds come in here and create something beyond your own imagination. The benefits that I’ve really seen is that it opens kids’ eyes to other alternatives for expression,” Brown said. “A lot of kids think they can express themselves through sports and music, which are all wonderful, but this allows them to see the variety of opportunity there is with art. Art is not just painting and drawing. It’s also sculpting, crafting, fabric and tie-dye. You can turn anything into something pretty and beautiful to look at and appreciate.”

Brown said she is relieved that Art Camp is still active after the fire that took place at their previous location, the Dallas Academy Building. She said she hopes that the art camp continues on into the future and children continue to attend.

“I’m really glad that this program is still going despite the set back we’ve had,” Brown said. “I really hope that this continues on for years and years to come.”