Proof is in the numbers – Resources should be utilized to help end poverty

Published 8:01 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

Today you read about the census’ latest population release, and the effects that the decline has on the economy of Dallas County.

There are many factors that play into the reasoning for this decline, and there is not a single reason that stands alone.

Each reason for the quality of life problems that EDA Director Wayne Vardaman claims is a big factor can be linked to something else.

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Everything correlates with each other in this scenario.

We have more crime, and people leave.

It is argued that there is more crime because the school systems need improvement. Then it is argued that the school systems cannot improve because the systems cannot retain qualified employees.

Whatever the reasoning or factors, the point is that unity is needed now more than ever to keep people in the county and Selma.

So many people speak of a time when the county and city flourished, and had numerous amounts of retail and business.

Each entity involved with the success of this county is working together to ensure that change happens for the better.

As for the help available in the county, there is numerous resources available to help those in financial need.

Those that seek it out will find it, but the need to better ourselves individually has to be a goal in our lives in order for the resources available to be completely effective.

These resources will not help you unless you want to be helped.

Do we believe that there are people that don’t want to be helped?

There are some that do.

It is up to each and everyone of us to turn this place around. It is not up to just the people in charge, although they carry the majority of the responsibility.

It is our responsibility to do our part in making the county a better place to live. Only then can we keep people here, and to bring our population back to what it once was.

Together we can do this.