Edmundite Missions group sets example

Published 8:52 pm Thursday, July 5, 2018

In June, the Edmundite Missions Group set the example of investing in the future of Selma and Dallas County by donating funds to Wallace Community College Selma.

The $5,000 donated will go a long way to helping students who want to further their education whether it’s academically or in a technical field.

There are new careers available now to study for, and furthering education is becoming more attractive to all kinds of students.

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Furthering education is one of the best ways to enrich someone’s life.

With the increase of technical degrees, it goes to show that not everyone has to be a doctor or a lawyer. You can be a welder or work on HVAC and still make a good living. People would argue that those with technical degrees have less stress paying school back once they are finished.

Whatever the path you may choose, groups like Edmundite Missions that continue to invest in the education systems in Dallas County will allow the upcoming workforce to be the best that they can.

We encourage other organizations to do the same, and continue to invest in the school and colleges in this county because it allows students to continue school, and that might turn the county and Selma around. By producing top notch workforce ready individuals can we truly see society improve, and maintain the improvements made.