Early introduction to volleyball offers a different option

Published 8:37 pm Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer sports camps in Selma have provided kids with an opportunity to practice basketball, baseball and softball, but Superwoman Inc., is creating an opportunity for the lady athletes to give volleyball a shot.

The non-profit organization is hosting a girls volleyball camp at Selma High School Monday and Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Letti Hasberry, founder of Superwoman Inc., wanted to provide another option for the young girls who might have an interest in a sport other than basketball and softball.

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“I work with a lot of sports programs with the girls in this area and there aren’t many camps available to them,” Hasberry said. “I felt that it was important to at least try to offer something to help them develop skills that aren’t offered here.”

For some young ladies, this camp may be their only introduction to organized volleyball before they reach high school.

“Here in Selma, the only sports that I see available to them are softball and basketball, but a lot of kids may not be interested in that,” Hasberry said. “Volleyball just gives them another option. Most of the kids around here don’t start volleyball until maybe the ninth- grade. So, if I introduce them to this sport at age six, that may spark an interest that they may pursue later on.”

The goal of this two-day camp is to expose girls to the game early and try to catch their interest before they reach the varsity team.

Hasberry and her volunteers will take the campers through drills that will cover the basics of the game.

“We’re going to introduce them to a lot of drills so they can get introduced to the game,” she said. “We’ll go over rules and basic fundamentals, but my main focus is to introduce them to it. A lot of kids never even played, so this will give them a chance to see if they’re interested in the sport.”

Selma High head volleyball coach Katasha Turner will be in the gym to assist Hasberry and the other volunteers in leading the camp.

“This is an opportunity for the young girls that may not be able to travel all the time to go to camp,” Turner said. “We teach volleyball in physical education, but sometimes they need that one-on-one opportunity so they can get into the sport.”

Turner has experience coaching newcomers in the sport and developing them for varsity competition.

The local high school volleyball teams annually add new players to the team each year that sometimes have minimal volleyball experience before trying out.

“This camp gives a foundation and they can build off those skills,” she said. “For high school, it’s going to help them because we are about 49 days away from our volleyball season. So, everything you do is helping you for your volleyball season. When you have camps that are here in the area, that’s a good thing.”

The Lady Saints head coach is looking forward to the camp at her gym, and hopes that it provides a boost in girls wanting to compete when they reach the high school levels.

“I want to see the younger kids come out and learn the volleyball game,” Turner said. “We can have more kids whether it’s at Selma High, Keith, Dallas County or Southside. More girls can come out to try out for volleyball. Not just wanting to try out and be on the team, but to compete.”

The camp is open to girls ages six and up. Registered attendees will receive lunch and a new T-shirt. Registration is $40 per camper, and late registration will be open at 8 a.m. on Monday at Selma High.

All proceeds from the camp go to support the volunteer based TNA HEAT Basketball Club. The coaches that lead the teams in the non-profit organization aren’t paid, so the additional funds raised help the teams travel and enter tournaments.

For more information about the girls volleyball camp, contact Hasberry at (334) 322-5395 or email superwomaninc32@gmail.com. More campers are welcome to sign-up and Hasberry is also looking for more volunteers as well.