Volunteers talk impact of serving

Published 9:03 pm Monday, July 2, 2018

The staff at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library provides caring service to those who visit, and this summer’s volunteers are extending their hospitality to assist the children with their creativity.

Annie Talton, a college student and volunteer at the public library, said she considers the library to be her favorite place because of the community and fun it creates.

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“The Selma Public Library is my favorite place in Selma,” Talton said. “I think it is the heart of where the community can come together. I feel like it brings Selma to life, it’s just full of culture and it is a place to come together for fun and fellowship. It’s like a melting pot.”

According to Talton, she started volunteering during the summer of her tenth-grade school year. She said she always visited the library when she was younger. Her many visitations to the library, inspired her to contribute her time to assist the library and the children who visit.

“I love being here and volunteering and being a part of that,” Talton said. “It’s a really special thing.”

Rachel Johnson, a rising junior in high school, also enjoys her time as a library volunteer.

“Before I moved here, I wasn’t involved in much and wanted to get involved with younger kids and help them with their creativity,” Johnson said. “It’s been great volunteering, and these kids are great to work with, they’re so creative and they always have good attitudes.”

Betsany Torrey is just entering the ninth-grade, and said that volunteering is an entirely different experience for her. She said her being raised alongside multiple siblings contributed to her interest to volunteer.

“It’s different, but it’s actually fun to work with the little kids,” Torrey said. “Growing up in a big house makes me want to help others.”

Tiara Brown, a volunteer entering the seventh-grade, has an interest in teaching, and sees volunteering as a great way to express her passion.

“I love to express myself and work with kids,” Brown said. “I want to teach kids and help them learn more.”

Becky Nichols, executive director of the Selma-Dallas County Public Library, is proud of the volunteers at the library and enjoys seeing them emit their passion and caring demeanor to the visitors of the library.

“One of the best things about the volunteers is watching them come together and work as a team when they don’t know each other,” Nichols said. “They come together during the summer and work together like they’ve known each other all of their lives. Also, for the library, we have an opportunity to get to know these young people, and sometimes we have hired student assistants after school from our volunteer team. We have hired several people because we watched how they worked, seen how they interact with people and how efficient they are. It has given me a chance to know a lot of fantastic young people that live in our community.”