Selma Schools look to gain new community partnerships

Published 8:42 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

Courtney Washington, the Community Engagement Specialist for Selma City Schools (SCS) talked to potential and current school partners on Thursday at the Selma High School Library.

“We service over 3,000 students,” said Washington. “Each school’s principal will provide information for each partner to help determine what potential activities can be.”

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Washington said that she also wanted to provide a more structured pathway for the partners.

“We want you to be a partner with Selma City Schools for life,” said Washington. “It creates the kind of growth and interaction needed from the community. The quality of our schools attracts people to Selma … that could increase industries to come into Selma.

“You get a jumpstart on developing your future workforce,” said Washington. “It helps us achieve our initiatives of community.”

Things that partners can provide include tutoring, job shadowing, mentorships and monetary donations.

“The entire school community, in particular, the students, gain from the additional resources and experience offered by corporate and community partners,” Washington said. “Adopters can have a direct impact on the school community and have an opportunity to form quality relationships with one school.”

“Education is the center of the community,” said SCS Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams. “In order for us to make the type of improvements we need to, we need help from the community, and we welcome any organizations that want to work alongside us. This is not just about money it is about support as well. This is going to be a key support to our teachers, and staff. The teachers need to know that they have the backing of the community as they move forward with supporting our students.”