Brothers are murder suspects in June 24 shooting

Published 8:33 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

Brothers Markerion and Marquavius Benjamin were both charged with capital murder and attempted murder this week.

Marquavius Benjamin, 19, and Markerion Benjamin, 16, were both charged with capital murder attempted murder, and shooting in an occupied dwelling in connection to the murder of Breana Williams, 36, and the attempted murder of her son, Dejour Edward, 17.

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This information was clarified by Selma Police chief Spencer Collier after an arraignment Thursday where it appeared that Marquavius wasn’t involved with Sunday’s shooting as reported by The Selma Times-Journal on Thursday afternoon. Collier clarified that both brothers were involved in Sunday’s shooting.

The shooting occurred at 11 p.m. Sunday night on the 400 Block of Young Street.

Edward remains in a Jackson, Miss. Hospital and in critical condition, according to Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Markerion Benjamin was arraigned Thursday in the Dallas County Courthouse. His hearing was set for Aug. 2 at 2 p.m. in the Dallas County Courthouse.

Collier said the department is looking for a third suspect in the Young Street homicide.

The elder Benjamin has several other charges stemming from two other cases.

In another case, Marquavious Benjamin, Marquavious Billingsley and Aiesha Franklin all were indicted Wednesday for the May 30 murder of Kenvrasnesha Rayford that happened on the block of Marie Foster Street.

They were all indicted for felony murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle and Assault II by the Dallas County Grand Jury. Their bonds were set at one million dollars each. More court appearances in the future are expected, the DA office said Thursday.

“The young woman was driving down the street minding her own business and got killed in the line of fire,” Jackson said.

Marquavius Benjamin’s other attempted murder charge occurred on June 18. He allegedly shot Zechariah Brown, 16, at his home on the 200 block of Dedman Street. Several weeks ago, he shot Brown in the chest.