Selma-Dallas County Public library adds e-books

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Selma-Dallas County Public Library now has a foothold in the future as it adds e-books to its vast catalog of books.

Though the utilization of Camellia Net, library books can now be downloaded digitally, giving way to a new chapter in the public library’s life. The digital catalog can be accessed on the library’s website, or at

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In addition to the webpage, there is also an app that users can go on to sign in and check out e-books. Users are able to borrow up to 5 books at a time; digital audiobooks are also available.

15 to 16 thousand books of varying genres are available digitally, and by using a Selma-Dallas County Public Library card, the books can be borrowed at any time.

Becky Nichols, executive director of the Selma-Dallas County Public Library, said the introduction of e-books is beneficial for the library as well as its patrons.

“It’s great for the summer when you want to read different things or when the library doesn’t have the title you want,” Nichols said. “It’s like a Barnes & Nobles online; it’s a lot of fun to check it out.”

Camellia Net is a consortium between 15 or 20 libraries to share the cost of an electronic database. The consortia started 8 years ago when e-books began gaining popularity.

“While we love those who come in to see us face-to-face, this is a new customer base, some of the users that we have may never enter the doors of the public library, all they’re doing is using their library card to access these electronic books,” Nichols said. “But they are members of the public library, therefore are invested in our community. We want to become a part of your life in any way.”

Dante Dial, an employee at the Selma-Dallas County Public Library, also feels e-books are a great addition to the library.

“When it comes to the physical things, it’s great to have them in hand, but sometimes most end up damaged, missing or out of print,” Dial said. “To have a digital copy means that you’re more likely to have the book available to you.”