Fourth of July celebrations

Published 12:42 am Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I love the Fourth of July.

Not only for the historical significance of it, because that is important, but I also love the celebrations that people have for the holiday.

All the random chips and some type of dip, assorted beverages and BBQ. So much BBQ. That is what I like, but I also love the fireworks.

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When I was younger, I was afraid of the fireworks mainly because they hurt my ears. I remember following the dogs under the couch thinking they had the right idea, and that we were all under attack, and my parents were just totally fine with that. Eventually I outgrew this

When I lived in Florence, we would endure the heat and bad Lynard Skynard cover bands to have the best seat possible for the fireworks show that would happen over the Tennessee River.

I have worked every Fourth of July, except one, since I started doing anything remotely to journalism.

Every year, I am always excited to cover Fourth of July events because let’s be honest with each other that fireworks make the best photos if you take them right.

I had a Fire Department Chief in South Carolina tell me that I was wasting my time as I pointed my camera up at a night sky and waited anxiously for the first firework.

The front page that next week would say otherwise.

It is also a time that I noticed where everyone was genuinely happy. That could have also been the bottomless keg at the food concession stand, but I’m being optimistic here.

But everyone came together, put aside their differences for a moment and just watched the fireworks.

In a time where there is much division, it is always important to remember what we have been through as a county even back to the beginning when we were just getting started.

It is my hope that on that day that we can all put our differences aside, eat some BBQ, watch the fireworks and just reflect on where we have come from as a country.

Will Whaley is the editor of the The Selma Times Journal. He can be reached at