Washington Street Supermarket employee under assault lawsuit

Published 11:24 pm Thursday, June 21, 2018

Washington Street Supermarket employee David Ammons is facing an assault lawsuit that was filed on June 7.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiff Annette Mims, is filing a claim of assault saying that Ammos is the owner of Washington Street Supermarket, and allegedly followed her out of the store on May 8 and “intentionally and hostilely slammed the car door on her foot repeatedly, causing major injury,” according to the court documents. The court documents also claim that Ammons’ actions were “unprovoked, unwarranted and unjustifiable.”

Mims is suing on claims of assault and battery, false imprisonment, negligence, wantonness and damages including mental anguish, hardship and inconvenience, pain and suffering, financial loss and loss of income, humiliation and embarrassment, loss of freedom and medical costs.

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Mims is asking $500,000 for compensatory damages and $1 million for punitive damages.

Mims is represented by Henry Sanders, who did not return comment on the incident. Ammons also was contacted, but did not return comment.