Athletic League hosts reading program

Published 11:29 pm Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority’s Reading Is Fundamental program dropped by the Selma Police Athletic League on Thursday.

Forty kids were given books through the program, sponsored by the AKA’s Zeta Eta Omega chapter in Selma.

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Once the kids finished reading the books, they would swap books with other participants in the program headed by RIF local coordinator Nancy Sewell.

Detective Dorothy Cowan, PAL executive director, believes RIF provides the kids with a worthwhile activity for the summer.

“The kids are normally playing on the computer or watching TV,” Cowan said. “It gives them something to do while school is out.”

Three of the kids who attended Thursday’s RIF session are visiting from the state of Georgia: Cassidy Hood and sisters Morgan White and Madison White. Hood, 10, is from Douglasville, Georgia. The White sisters live in Atlanta.

“I learned that I need to keep reading and get better at it,” Hood said.

The White sisters enjoyed the hour-long event. Madison is 10, three years older than Morgan.

“I think reading is good because you can learn a lot,” Morgan said.

“From the program, I learned reading books are fun,” said Madison.

Twelve-year old Nicholas Cowan, whose family recently moved from Huntsville, saw a bigger picture in the RIF program.

“Reading books help you learn more words and make you better in life,” Cowan said.
For Southside Primary School librarian Monica Gayle and member of the Zeta Eta Omega chapter, the literacy program sets a strong foundation to the students.

“We are presenting kids all over Selma and Dallas County with books to read over the summer to read and help bridge the gap from the break in school,” Gayle said. “We want to make sure the children have books, enjoy books and love reading books.”

The eight-day RIF program began Monday and ends next Wednesday at the Tabernacle Baptist Church.