Purrrfect Addition

Published 9:15 pm Saturday, June 9, 2018

Sweet treats and other goodies were lined outside the Selma Animal Shelter Saturday as Selma’s Purrrfect Pals and Sky Hill Animal Society hosted a bake sale and adoption event for cats in the shelter.

Shannon Lynch founded Selma’s Purrrfect Pals to raise funds to pay for the cat’s vetting bills and show their pictures to increase their chances for adoption.

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“I created a Facebook page to get [the cat’s] pictures out there, and we had to call it something, so we called it Selma’s Purrrfect Pals,” she said.

Lynch said their facebook page has garnered the attention of people outside of the community and has helped them to adopt a few cats and receive some donations as well.

The lack of cat rescues in the city have a direct effect on the number of cats the shelter is able to adopt out.

“There just isn’t the [same] opportunity for cats as there is for dogs,” she said. “Dogs get a lot of the press, cats don’t.”

According to Lynch, one of the main misconceptions about the shelter is that it is a sad and horrible place for the animals. She believes because of that misconception local people are apprehensive about helping the shelter. However, the cat rooms created by Lynch are the complete opposite.

Four years ago, former mayor George Evans and the city council approved Lynch’s request for funds to help decorate and arrange the room for the cats.

The two rooms allow the cats to roam freely and live comfortably while in the shelter. There are several climbing obstacles on the walls, pillows and cat beds throughout the room. The room also has small chairs for children to come interact and sit with the cats.

Lynch said the main benefit to having these rooms is for the animals to have less anxiety about being in the shelter and it allows the public to come in and interact with them. The public can visit the cat rooms Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

“We want the cats to find a home that’s as good as what they have here,” she said.

Shannon said although the cats are living comfortably, in the shelter they are still in need of a forever home.

Selma Purrfect Pals is looking for volunteers.

For more information on adoptions and how to donate to Selma’s Purrrfect Pals visit www.facebook.com/pg/purrrfectpals or call (334) 877-2204. For more information on Sky Hill Animal Society visit www.skyhillanimals.org/.

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