B.Y.O.Bike to Old Cahawba

Published 11:46 pm Tuesday, May 29, 2018

By: Oniska Blevins

History buffs and exercise enthusiasts alike will have a chance to enjoy their hobbies as the Alabama Historical Commission hosts its B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own) Bike Tour Saturday, June 2.

Participants will line up at 10 a.m. at the Visitor Center of the Old Cahawba Park located at 9518 Cahaba Road in Orrville and ride the four-mile tour across the historic Old Cahawba.

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Old Cahawba served as Alabama’s first capital from 1819 to 1826, and the tour will explore different historic parts of abandoned streets, overflowing wells and decaying ruins of the antebellum Pompeii.

Jonathan Matthews, assistant site director for the Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, will be leading the one-hour guided tour and providing information on the sites along the route.

“We’ve got all this history out here and most people have an old bicycle in the garage and we thought ‘Hey let’s have the visitors bring a bicycle and we’ll give them a tour.” Matthews said.

This family friendly event is $8 per person and offers a different way to view the historical area.

“We can go places where people can’t go in a big car or a bus,” Matthews said. “So, the bicycles allow us to see the resources of Cahawba up close and personal.”

The main objective of the bike ride is to have fun, while also learning about an important piece of Alabama’s history.

“You’re not in store for a strenuous workout. It’s a leisure workout, and it’s fun too,” he said. “The park is always here for people to enjoy.”

Not only does the tour offer insight on the area, but it also ignites a new interest in visitors.

“I think when people realize the history Cahawba covers and the way that you can explore Cahawba, it creates a lot of repeat visitors,” Matthews said.

The park is open to the public to ride their bikes on other days without a guide.

For more information, contact Jonathan Matthews at cahawbam@bellsouth.net or call the park at (334) 872- 8058.