Law enforcement, city officials take time to answer variety of questions regarding safety

Published 5:00 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

The residents of Selma have been calling for transparency over a large number of issues for quite some time. With the public safety meeting, city officials and law enforcement leaders show they are committed to providing the city with answers without pointing fingers.

Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier saw the bulk of the questions, and came readily prepared to answer all of them while never acting annoyed or discouraged. He provided numbers that were valuable to the public regarding crime in Selma.

Thank you to all council members and members of the Mayor’s administration as well. You all showed that you respect the residents of this town and their concerns.

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The event was well-attended with almost every chair in the George P. Evans Center taken up. Selma has always taken an interest in the political atmosphere at the local, state and national level. While this a public safety meeting, the answers the government officials and law enforcement provided will have an impact on how they are viewed in the public eye for months to come.

While there is still existing conflict between different branches of government, it was nice to see people getting on the same page and working as one.

There are undoubtedly some problems that exist with crime, safety and peace in Selma. However, high public participation at meetings such as these can only stand to benefit the community.