Mothers-led anti-violence group to host healing dinner

Published 9:59 pm Monday, May 7, 2018

By Adam Dodson
The Selma Times-Journal

On Saturday, May 12, the Mothers Against Violence in Selma (MAVIS) is hosting its second annual pre-Mother’s Day dinner for women whose personal being or children have been directly harmed due to violence.
Taking place at the Healing Waters Retreat Center, the dinner will unite women of all kinds who have gone through the same experience of losing a child. According to Callie Greer, MAVIS member, there is a special bond that occurs between these women, which could help with the healing process.
Greer, who has experienced her own battles with losing two children, wants to be there for other women going through it.
“We invite women who are directly affected. They can come and meditate, gather their thoughts or whatever else they need to do,” Greer said. “There is a connection formed between people who know how you feel and have been through similar situations.”
The dinner will serve as a chance for the mothers of lost loved ones to be able to openly express their praise and mourning for their children. They will honor their memories through poetry, music sharing, call and response and a balloon release.
Mother’s Day baskets will also be given to the participants. According to Greer, Mother’s Day serves as a distinguishable time for many mothers dealing with loss. In light of this, designated healers will be stationed at the Retreat Center ready to provide aid to mothers wishing additional support. For Greer, it is about continuing the healing process.
“We don’t waste our pain. We help them know they are not by themselves. They are not alone,” Greer said. “For many mothers on Mother’s Day, there is a special significance. We want to celebrate their lives.”
While the event is targeted specifically for women struggling with loss, men are allowed to attend if they are a guest of one of the female participants. All women are allowed to bring two guests.
The event runs from 5-7 p.m. For more information about MAVIS or their upcoming dinner, reach out to Callie Greer at (334) 375-0660 or Ursula Deville at (334) 349-3452