Mack earns Mercy Award

Published 10:15 pm Tuesday, May 1, 2018

By Adam Dodson | The Selma Times-Journal

Each year, Vaughan Regional Medical Center takes time to honor one of their own for his or her hard work and good attitude with the employee of the year Mercy Award.

Named in honor of Scott Mercy, founder of LifePoint, the Mercy Award recognizes the achievements and impact an individual has had on the lives of clients and co-workers.

The winner of the 2018 Mercy Award is Mary Mack, a three-decade professional in the human resources department.

Staff members, including CEO David McCormack, gathered inside the Vaughan cafeteria for a reception featuring Mack’s favorite snack: cinnamon rolls.

The award was presented to her by McCormack, Dionne Williams and others in front of dozens of staff members. McCormack had nothing but praise for the Vaughan veteran.

“We are all servants here at Vaughan, and she is my reminder of that. She embraces the spirit of Vaughan. She represents what it is all about,” McCormack said. “We are here for an incredible person God has blessed us with.”

McCormack was not the only one who expressed his gratitude to Mack for her lifelong commitment. Numerous people brought up examples of her hard work and her love of helping people. One staff member, Williams, said she could rely on Mack for anything. Another said she shows up to work happy even when she is not feeling well.

While the crowd showered her in praise and appreciation, McCormack noted that Mack was not the person who wished to be the center of attention, which is part of her selfless attitude.

This selflessness was noted by multiple Vaughan members who don’t take for granted how integral she is to day-to-day operations.

“She is truly an advocate for the employees. And it is about the fact that she is here every day because she wants to be here,” Williams said. “She is dedicated beyond her retirement years. She could be at home for her retirement, but she chooses to be here. It is hard without her here.”

While Mack may not be one to crave the spotlight, she was still very touched by the appreciation she felt from her peers and supporters. Mack noted that she could feel the love in the room.

After receiving her award, along with a few other gifts, Mack expressed her gratitude and her drive to keep going.

“I have a wonderful boss and wonderful co-workers. The people here are very caring,” Mack said. “My goal has always been to help somebody. I get satisfaction out of that.”