Steward Construction impacts child’s program

Published 7:32 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Selma Recycles is a program that has been operating for nearly four months now, and it is fantastic to see that residents are still showing the same excitement over his initiative now as they were when it began.
This was proven through the recent efforts of Darrell Steward and Steward Construction Company’s donation of $500 for Caleb Smith to continue his recycling. Regardless of how good things are going, everyone needs a little help now and again. Somebody who has been going nonstop, it is a welcome pleasure to see that others are giving back to Caleb.
As Selma Recycles continues, it is helpful that other organizations and residents continue to show their support for Caleb, the Smith family and Selma Recycles. They have worked hard to keep recycling in town. Let’s all do our part to keep them around.

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