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Delta Leadership helps ArtsRevive paint Concrete barricades

By Oniska Blevins | The Selma Times-Journal

The Delta Leadership Institute and ArtsRevive teamed up Tuesday afternoon to add a splash of color to downtown Selma.

President of ArtsRevive Gale Bedgood said painting the cement blocks in front of the Carneal Building helps the organization continue its mission to make downtown Selma more appealing.

“They are not exactly an attractive part of Selma,” she said.

“We’ve all tried to figure out a way to make it more attractive.”

The concrete barricades were placed in the spot where a fatal car accident happened years ago and have been there since.

Bedgood feels that adding the art to the concrete would help paint positive memories in the place of tragedy while adding to the art district of downtown.

“You’re gonna be turning that corner and you’re gonna have a little art inspiration right there,” she said.

She said the organization came to help with the foundation of the painting.

“They have to have a base coat put on them, and that’s what the Delta Regional volunteers will do,” she said.

Th next step after the base coat is done is for ArtsRevive to find someone to paint a collage or mural over the base coat.

“It’s going to be an art moment,” she said.

The organization is still working on who the artist will be and will give them full artistic reign over the design.

Director of the Delta Leadership Institute Spencer Lucker said the organization is excited to lend a helping hand to the organization.

He said Delta Leadership Institute member and Councilwoman Susan Youngblood was instrumental in the partnership between the two organizations.

Delta Leadership Institute also helped with ArtsRevive’s Chalk and Talk initiative, which is a way for the community to have dialogue and engage in a creative and assessable way about their feelings.