ASU fans excited to see Hornets play in Selma

Published 8:13 pm Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Alabama State University football team drove the nearly hour trip to Selma Saturday to have an open practice for the public to enjoy.

Members of the local ASU alumni chapter were there to enjoy the practice and reflect on their time as a Hornet.

“We are honored to have the team here,” said Marilyn King Hatcher, class of 1982. “We’re excited to have something to do, and this is putting a different light on our city.”

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Hatcher said she hoped the kids in the community were able to see the practice and be encouraged by the college athletes, some of whom are from Selma and Dallas County.

“Hopefully our kids in our community will see that they can go to school, and then these kids are humbling themselves by coming to Selma,” Hatcher said. “We wish that more of our grade school kids were here to see this. We were really excited about them coming to Selma, and hopefully to encourage some of our local children from high schools.”

Anna Webb, class of 1990, said she was happy to have her former team in her home town.

“It’s very exciting,” Webb said. “This sheds good light on ASU to show that we’re doing great things. It’s a great time to be a Hornet.”

Shirley Campbell attended the practice with her two 3-year-old sons to cheer on the team, which her husband, Amp, coaches on. Campbell said this trip was not only to support the team though. It was also about introducing her sons to the history that Selma holds. Even though they are only three, Campbell said she still wanted them to have the opportunity to walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge and even look back on photos one day of them making the trip over.

“One of the things I did want them to go ahead and do was to have the experience. We can look back on the pictures we take,” Campbell said.

“I want them to experience and always remember it and not forget the struggle that got us to where we’re at.”

Campbell said to her, it’s just about her boys understanding where they are, and the steps that were taken to get them there.

“What I wanted them to have, is just the exposure at this point,” Campbell said. “I want them to understand there was a struggle to get here and respect the struggle that others went ahead and provided a path for you, so you do have the opportunity to go to whatever school you want to.”

After the scrimmage, the entire football team walked over the bridge taking pictures and videos to capture the moment.