Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. arrest report for period ending April 20:

Published 6:01 pm Friday, April 20, 2018

Johnny King, 33, 1700 First Ave., Selma, domestic violation harassment, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, bonds totaling $3,000, in jail
James Brown, 26, 103 Chalimar Drive, Selma, third-degree domestic violation, $1,000 bond, in jail
Lani Fallana, 25, 103 Chalimar Drive, Selma, third-degree domestic violation, possession of controlled substance, bonds totaling $21,000, in jail
Michael Green, 46, 1201 Woodrow Ave. GF, Selma, failure to register, in jail
Quincy McFadden, 46, 1603 Vine St., Selma, failure to register, $15,000 bond, in jail
Shawdarius Tyus, 22, 717 Bradford Circle, Selma, probation violation, attempt to commit murder, reckless endangerment, no bond, in jail
Marquel Livingston, 30, 1546 Curtis St., Selma, fail to register absconding, $15,000 bond, made bond
Cody Finch, 33, 710 Griffin Ave., Selma, promoting prison contraband, driving without license, $5,400 cash bond, in jail
Rufus Thomas, 53, 606 Gorgas Drive, Selma, adult sex offender registered, made bond
Lawrence Williams, 64, 209 Rosedale Ave., Selma, failure to register, $15,000 bond, made bond
Leslie Barnett, 38, 1201 Woodrow Ave. 6-F, Selma, harboring a sex offender, $15,000 bond, made bond
Chaquita Green, 29, 1817 Water Ave., Selma, second –degree failure to appear burglary, no bond, in jail
Seven Neely, 43, 1500 Water Ave., Selma, public intoxication, $1,000 bond, in jail
Harry Fuller, 39, 139 Bowie Circle, Tyler, child support, $600 cash bond, made bond

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