TEACHER FEATURE: Raney’s teaching career spans four decades

Published 11:47 pm Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Faye Raney taught school for 35 years before deciding to retire. But after a while, she realized she was missing something –– her students.

Now Raney works at Morgan Academy, where she has been for the last five years, as an English teacher.

“Once I retired, I decided I was not ready to sit at home, so that’s why I came back,” Raney said. “I just needed to work and I needed to be around young people. Sitting at home is not for me.”

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Raney said she enjoys being around children and teaching them new concepts.

“I love children and I love working with children. It’s a challenge and rewarding and always has its ups and downs,” Raney said. “[I like] seeing the success of these children when they get a concept, they get excited about it.”

Even though she has been in education for 40 years, Raney said there is still never a dull moment in the classroom.

“These children are so creative. It’s challenging [teaching seniors],” she said. “I love them and they know that I love them, but it’s challenging. You have to let them form their personalities, and you have to let them have a certain amount of freedom.”

Teaching seniors, Raney said she knows it’s important to prepare them for college or life outside of grade school.

“I like to build them up to let them know that they’re worthy and they’ll make it, if that’s what they decided they want to do,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to see them mature [over the course of the school year]. I love their spirit and I love their enthusiasm and I encourage that in them. They have to grow, and it’s fun watching them grow.”

Being a teacher can sometimes mean more than just teaching a subject. That rings true for Raney who said she also is sometimes a listening ear.

“They know my door is always open and they can come and talk to me as not only a teacher, but as a mentor,” Raney said. 

“If they have a problem, they know my door is always open and they can come talk to me. I may not be able to solve their problems, but I can always listen.”

Raney said she is happy that she is someone they trust to come to.

“Sometimes it’s difficult in given situations, but with these students, they’re a lot more open coming to someone they trust,” she said. “I’m happy to be that someone they can come to and talk to.”