Gun rights advocate arrested outside council meeting

Published 11:13 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018

Local gun rights advocate David Blackmon was arrested Tuesday night at Selma City Hall just outside of the Selma City Council chambers during a meeting.

Blackmon, 57, was charged with disorderly conduct for failure to obey a law enforcement officer after an alleged confrontation between himself and Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier. Blackmon was booked into the Dallas County Jail on $1,000 bond, but has made bail.

The alleged confrontation occurred after a discussion during the council meeting about security at Selma City Hall. Security is provided at the front entrance of the building by a private company, which Blackmon has been adamant about having removed because it does not allow law abiding citizens to legally carry a firearm into the building.

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During the discussion, Melton said if the council removed the security, he would have Selma police officers man the front entrance, which he said would cost the city more money.

After the discussion, Collier exited the council chamber from the side entrance. Blackmon, who was sitting near the front row, left the chamber just after Collier.

According to Collier, Blackmon waited on him to get to the elevator. He said Blackmon appeared “physically agitated” over the discussion between the council and Melton.

“Blackmon demanded that Chief Collier arrest a Selma police officer seated in the chamber. Blackmon continuously yelled ‘I demand you to arrest him for a felony,’” a statement from the Selma Police Department reads.

“Blackmon then went back inside the chamber and pointed toward a plain clothes Selma narcotics officer and continuously stated ‘He is armed and I demand that you arrest him for a felony.’”

Collier said he directed Blackmon to exit the chamber and discuss the issue outside.

He said Blackmon did not comply.

He was then handcuffed, escorted from the building and taken to the Selma Police Department. Blackmon said he was not confrontational with Collier and did not tell Collier to arrest the officer.

“I’m 57 years old, and I have never been arrested. You can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been pulled over for a traffic violation,” Blackmon said.

“I always want to stay within the bounds of the law on everything I do, and I did nothing wrong [Tuesday] night.”

He said he wanted to clarify why two officers in the audience during the meeting were allowed to carry their weapons in the chamber while armed and off duty pertaining to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.

“I said how are those officers in there armed. He said what are you talking about, and I just pointed around the corner there,” Blackmon said. “I just asked him to clarify that. Tell me what I’m missing.”

Blackmon, who was recording the council meeting and the alleged confrontation, believes an officer deleted his recording. He said his phone has a security code and prompts the user to save or discard a recording if the power is shut off while recording.

Collier said the recording was not deleted and an officer would not do that.

Blackmon said he is making an effort to restore the recording, which he says will prove his innocence. He said he hopes the charge can be dismissed.