Alabama State University’s president personally visits CCA to support HBCU students

Published 11:14 pm Thursday, March 15, 2018

The unfortunate closing of Concordia College Alabama has left its students with more questions about their future than answers. Not only is there going to be one fewer destination for young students looking to continue their education, but it is also one fewer Historically Black College (HBCU).

The number of HBCU’s is getting smaller, but the bond that its students and alumni share remains strong. Alabama State University president Quentin Ross and ASU admissions director Fred Williams visited Concordia College during Thursday’s Career Day to show the students that their neighbors from Montgomery cared.

At a time where Concordia’s students aren’t sure about whether the credits that they’ve earned will transfer or if they have a future at another college, ASU brought representatives from its human resources department, business school department and graduate programs to come talk to the CCA students.

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ASU wasn’t alone in coming to the aid of the CCA students. More than 40 schools were on CCA’s campus to share their academic options to the students.

While the journey for the students at CCA is coming to a close, the Career Day was a lifeline that could help them continue their academic careers. Thanks to all the schools, and especially Ross and Williams for taking the time to extend a helping hand.