Christmas cards help Integrity Worldwide

Published 5:35 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This Christmas season, Integrity Worldwide is continuing its Christmas card fundraiser to help raise money for the medical unit they are helping build in Meto, Kenya.

“The Christmas cards are a way for people to honor family, friends and loved ones with a gift that will make a difference,” Integrity Worldwide coordinator Elizabeth Gilmer said. “Through the money that we raise through these cards, we’re able to invest in the new medical and dental clinic in Meto, Kenya.”

The faith-based non-profit organization has been running the Christmas card fundraiser for seven years. Integrity Worldwide will mail a festive greeting card to the chosen recipient(s) to let them know that a donation has been given in their honor.

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“It really pairs well with Christmas season,” Integrity Worldwide blogger Ashley Morris said. “Christmas is a time for blessing others and also a great time to think about our friends in Meto, Kenya where we’ve been partnering with the Maasai community there for 10 years now.”

The money raised from the donations will go towards furnishing and completing the IntegrityHealth Medical and Dental Clinic in Meto.

The completion of the health clinic is important for the community in Meto because there isn’t another hospital nearby for miles. The Maasi villages are located in southern rural Kenya and suffer from extreme poverty. Integrity Worldwide’s mission is to look for “sustainable ways to promote growth and build communities,” by providing medical and dental care, ministry, clean water, education and resources.

“Meto, Kenya is in an isolated area, and it is hours away by car from the nearest medical facility,” Morris said. “The donors in Selma created the first medical facility within miles and miles of anything in that region. Construction is finished, but once we’re up and running it’s going to provide life-saving medical care to thousands of men, women and children who didn’t otherwise have access to it before.”

The fundraiser will help supply equipment, furniture and allow the clinic to get one step closer to opening its doors.

“We rely solely on donations, so this Christmas card campaign is a really big deal,” Morris said.

According to Gilmer, Integrity Worldwide raised $6,500 last year through the Christmas card donations. In order to send a Christmas card and make a donation, visit the website at and click on the Christmas Cards tab at the top of the page.

“We’re so thankful for the people of Selma,” Gilmer said. “It’s amazing the way so many Selmians come alongside Integrity, and most of them have never even been to Meto or met any of the people, but they are truly making a real difference in the lives of the people in the villages in Meto.”