Nettles leads freshmen class

Published 8:37 pm Monday, December 11, 2017

By Adam Dodson | The Selma Times-Journal

A native of Selma is taking on the responsibility of representing her peers despite being seven states away from home. At Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, Ali Nettles has been elected as class president for the freshman students. This honor allows her to represent her freshman class at weekly student senate meetings.

Ali spent the large majority of her childhood growing up in Selma. She has been a member of Church Street Methodist Church since she was in pre-school. Starting in first grade, she attended Morgan Academy until the end of her sophomore year.

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At Morgan Academy, Nettles was a member of the varsity cheerleading, track and basketball teams and was class president both her freshman and sophomore years. After her sophomore year at Morgan, she decided to leave and attend a boarding school in Tennessee. Gettysburg was the next step after graduation.

“Selma really is home to me. Growing up in a small town makes everyone feel like family,” Nettles said. “I decided to attend Gettysburg College because I wanted to go to college in the North, and Gettysburg College being rich in history, as well as having a great academic reputation was very attractive to me.”

At Gettysburg, Nettles is one of two students from Alabama, but this has not slowed her initiative.

Being a political science major with a track record for student elections, she has always been interested in the college’s student government. Nettles decided to apply and run for class president after much thought and some extra motivation from her parents. Not only is she involved in the SGA, but also in the prestigious Garthwait Leadership Center. This program allows students to shadow faculty members to learn leadership qualities. After deciding to step out of her comfort zone, Nettles is thankful for where she ended up.

“When I got an email saying that I could apply to run for a class officer position, I just decided to go for it. My parents have always told me never to fear failure, which has taken me very far,” Nettles said. “I cannot imagine being anywhere other than Gettysburg College, and I hope to make a lasting impact on this campus.”

After finishing up her first semester of college, Nettles will be returning home for Christmas. Upon the completion of her year, she will receive a degree from the Garthwait Leadership Center.