Editorial: State investigators asking for help to solve rash of arsons Sunday morning on Selma Avenue

Published 8:34 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Investigators with the Alabama Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal’s office believe four fires were intentionally set early Sunday morning, including one that damaged the historic Dall as Academy building, which houses the Selma City Ceramics program and a Boy Scouts office.

So far, no one knows who is responsible, and that is scary. While no one was injured in those fires, the person responsible is still out there and could set fire to other buildings or homes.

Authorities released an image of a person of interest Tuesday and are hoping someone can recognize the person, who may have information about the fires.

We encourage any businesses or property owners in the area that have security cameras to look over the footage. There could be evidence there that helps the case. We also encourage anyone that does recognize this person of interest to call the authorities. The person responsible for it needs to be behind bars before one more fire is set, or worse someone is killed.