Camp Perry Varner, Juvenile Detention Center complete perfect audit

Published 9:33 pm Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dallas County commissioners couldn’t help but brag Monday after Marcus Hannah, director of Camp Perry Varner and the Juvenile Detention Center, shared results of an audit done by the Alabama Department of Youth Services.

Hannah said the camp and center both received perfect scores and are the only facility in the state to score a 100 more than five years in a row.

“This is our eighth year in a row scoring all 100s on all mandatory compliances, and very few facilities have been able to reach that goal. I give all the credit to the team members there,” Hannah said. He also added they received 100 percent on all non-mandatory standards.

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“I am very proud of it, but the key thing I always want to point out is our staff. Our staff makes that work out.”

Hannah said they are audited twice a year by the state.

“The standard compliance files were well documented and well prepared for the review. Very little additional support documentation was needed,” Hannah read from the audit. “The facility is clean and well-maintained. Both inside and outside furniture are in good shape. The supplies were adequately stocked.”

The audit also commended the camp for comments made by juveniles that attended the program.

“If you read on the last paragraph there, Perry Varner continues to be an excellent program for the youth recommended to and from the juvenile courts. The youth once again had nothing but positive comments on the program. They always feel safe and secure,” Hannah read from the report.

Hannah said the camp and center also got some additional funding for being a pilot program for the Dallas County Schools System for delinquents. He said with help from the school system, they found an extra $52,000.

“We’ll be able to buy more books, we’ll be able to buy new computers and also supplies,” Hannah said. “Because our facility was a pilot program, the feds came in, and when they did the audit they were impressed with the program.”

At the end of Monday’s commission meeting, several members complimented the program.

“The children that you get out there are not boy and girl scouts, but y’all, once in a while in life these children from all different walks of life mess up, and they need something positive to get them started again,” said Commissioner Larry Nickles.

“As you saw, the comments from the children that have been out there thanked y’all for the care that y’all took. That will go with them wherever they go regardless of where they go. Somewhere down the line it makes a difference. I truly believe that.”