Editorial: Fire fighters make a lasting impression on students

Published 10:56 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fire fighters in Selma don’t just respond to emergency calls in times of need, they also spend countless hours visiting the schools in our city to teach young children about fire prevention and safety.

This week is National Fire Prevention Week, but the fire fighters with the Selma Fire Department take it a step further. They turn the week into an entire month to make sure children in our city know what to do if a fire occurs. Tuesday, we visited Clark Elementary School for a story on the department’s program, and the smiles on the children’s faces as they danced and learned about fire safety were priceless.

They interacted with the students and made the experience memorable and fun. You can tell by the way the students reacted to them that they love it when the department pays them a visit in October. The fire fighters that take time to do this deserve a pat on the back. They could easily teach them about safety in a boring way, but they don’t. They work hard at it, and they are doing a great job.

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