Fall circus returns

Published 9:05 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For the second year in a row, the circus is coming to town. The Tyler Rose Organization is hosting the Carson & Barnes Circus to be held at Bloch Park on Sept. 20.

Acrobats will fly, clowns will perform and animals will put on a show for the crowds.

Willie Rose, the president of the organization, said the circus will be open to schools and the general public.

Shows on the morning of the 20th will be for students, and the public is invited to attend a show at 4:30 p.m. and one at 7:30 p.m.

“There are a lot of kids that have not been to a circus and they’re not familiar with what goes on with a circus, and it’s a learning process for them,” Rose said. “Some parts of the circus surround what goes on in the classroom.”

Rose said when he was a child, he didn’t have the opportunity to go to a circus, so he is hoping that by being able to host one, he’ll afford children in the area a chance to see one up close.

“When I was small, I didn’t go to a circus, I only heard about it,” he said. “Now a lot of kids with my same perspective have that opportunity.”

Rose said that the Tyler Rose Organization is a non-profit organization that serves to promote education and provide educational programs for students in the community.

He is hoping that the children and their parents will take away something from the program.

“It will be very fun for the kids and families because the parents will see the excitement on the children’s’ [faces],” Rose said. “Some of them, it will be their first time seeing and it will be a learning experience for the family too when they bring their family out to watch.”

Rose said last year, he believes around 500 to 700 people attended the two-day event, but this year the circus will only be in town for one day. Still, he is hoping for a good turnout.

Rose said tickets can be purchased from him by calling (334) 407-5074 or on the bigtopshow.com website.

Locally, tickets are $12 for adults and children 12 and under are free with an adult. For children over $12, tickets are $6.

Online, tickets are $16 for an adult and $8 for a child. The day of the circus, tickets are $18 for an adult and $12 for a child.