Schools need support, love of community on Friday nights

Published 8:05 pm Monday, September 4, 2017

Friday night’s rivalry game between Selma and Southside drew a big crowd. While only one team could get the victory on the field, both teams got the love and support they deserved while they battled it out. Selma won the game 52-6, but the biggest takeaway was the crowd.

A crowd of people, fans of both schools, watched the game. While the stands weren’t packed, the turnout was still good and better than many other games.

It was great to see so many people in the stands cheering on their teams. Many Friday nights are not like that. There may be only a handful of fans in the stands, and that needs to change.

The football players, cheerleaders and bands all work so hard all summer and fall long to perform their best on Friday nights, and they deserve a crowd to perform for.

If you haven’t been to a football game this season yet, there are still plenty of opportunities to go to a game. There are seven high schools here in Selma and Dallas County, and they each need the support of their community.

Make sure to get out to one of the games and show support. Cheer and yell for them. The young men and women playing on the field, cheering on the sidelines and playing in the band need our support, and we should give it to them.