EDITORIAL: Trailer park owners should be held accountable for leaving residents out to dry

Published 8:15 pm Thursday, August 31, 2017

Last week residents at Cahaba Park West Trailer Park had their water turned off because an unpaid bill to the owners and management company.

Legals Services of Alabama filed a temporary restraining order this week in court, which has given the residents there a temporary water source at the park. Now, instead of having to take water tanks off-site, there will be a running faucet there.

But this won’t work forever. This is 2017, and no one should be without running water. The owners have not taken responsibility for paying for the water, which caused this issue to begin with. We hope a permanent solution can be found for the residents that live there. They should not have been put in this situation to being with.

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We hope the courts hold the owners responsible and find someone to let these people live with running water. No one should have to live the way these people are living right now.